Business Coaching

Business coaching for successful business owners

I’ve been in business for almost 30 years. After years in corporate life, I started my own HR practice, DOHR in 2007.

I was trained as an HR specialist, but I have become a businesswoman through significant hands-on learning and personal development.

After years of saying no to people who have asked me to coach them, I finally decided to get myself properly trained to be a business coach and consolidate all my experience and learning into a framework which others can benefit from.

I joined the Entrepreneurs Circle in 2014 and since then, have been working to build and refine my sales, marketing and financial skills and knowledge.

In 2022, having decided to build a small business coaching offering, I qualified with Entrepreneurs Circle as a certified coach.

Helping employers to achieve greater success

With a career in business, management and HR spanning more than 30 years, I ask the difficult questions to help businesses owners REALLY understand what they can do to achieve the success they deserve. I help clients to look under the bonnet of every aspect of their business and give them both quick wins and plans for growth.

Your business is doing fine, but you want more and know that your business can do better.

Long ‘to do’ lists, not enough hours in the day, not got the right people or the right processes in place, not got the cashflow or the profits you desire – Does this sound familiar?

I help business owners like you to take a step back and look at their business differently. If you want to see your business go from surviving to thriving, I can show you how to build the business you need, so you and your family can live the life you deserve. 

Entrepreneurs Circle (EC) was established over 10 years ago and in that time has helped thousands of business owners to increase their sales and, perhaps more importantly, their profits. With access to all the EC’s resources and experience, I will help you to identify your gaps, ensure your foundations are properly built, fix your marketing so you attract and retain the right customers, understand your numbers and then stabilise, optimise and maximise your business.

With regular coaching calls and accountability, we will work through a proven process to ensure that you are working consistently and effectively on the right bits of your business.

I ask a lot of questions: About you, your business, your goals and your dreams.

By really understanding you and your business, we can achieve a lot together! 

Like what? Well, for example…

Plan your lifestyle and know how much it is going to cost you so that you understand what you need to be able to take out of the business on a monthly basis. 

Understand your numbers: Not your P&L or your balance sheet, as I hope you understand those numbers. I mean your operational numbers – how many leads do you need to get a customer. How many customers do you need to reach your targets and what can you afford to spend to get them. It is often more than you think!!!

Develop a strategy that will deliver the rhythmic acquisition of the right customers who are willing to pay premium prices for a quality product or service. 

Ensure you have the right people who are properly trained, engaged and rewarded so that they are as excited about your business as you are. 

If you are still reading this and like what you hear, get in touch today for a free, no-obligation chat to find out more about how I can help you to grow your business.