Podcast Interviews

Donna Obstfeld has been interviewed numerous times on the radio about specific Business, Finance, HR and Employment issues.

In these Podcasts, Donna shares more about herself and the world of business.
Donna talks with Nigel Botterill of The Entrepreneurs Circle. The ‘Botcasts’ are only usually available to members. To find out more about The Entrepreneur’s Circle visit them here.

Donna talks to Viv Oyolu in her Podcast, Dream Corner.

Walking round an Expo a couple of months ago, I got to Donna’s desk and when I asked if she was representing her business, she said yes, and the interviewer in me kicked in! I asked if she always knew she wanted to run her own business, and the minute she said “someone told me to”, I dramatically told her to stop and wanted to hear the rest during our interview! I barely spoke as I was rapt in attention listening to Donna talk about her journey. So many nuggets in this interview, but my three take-aways – risk-taker, ambitious and goodwill!! Grab a cup of tea/coffee for this one – you’ll love it!

July 2014

Viv’s Podcasts can be found on iTunes.